Dress Code

Vernon's Speakeasy has a BUSINESS CASUAL Dress Code Policy in order to maintain an enjoyable environment for ALL guests. We thank you in advance for following these guidelines which will be enforced at our restaurants.
-Guests wearing ball caps dining at Vernon's Speakeasy will be asked to wear their hat with the bill facing forward. Other more formal head attire such as cowboy hats and fedoras are allowed in the main dining room.
- Gym and/or beach wear is not allowed, specifically:
- Men’s sleeveless tank tops
- Exposed sports bras
- Hoodie sweatshirts with the hood worn on the head
- Jeans and dress shorts are allowed
- No exposed undergarments, or excessively baggy or oversized clothing
- Clothing should not exhibit offensive language or offensive graphics.
Vernon's Speakeasy management reserves the right to update the Dress Code Policy at any time, make discretionary exceptions as appropriate, and refuse service to patrons who we deem are not appropriately dressed.

Child Policy

Vernon’s Speakeasy is recognized as one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States. In order to maintain the intimate ambiance we are known for, we respectfully do not allow children five years of age or under in our main dining rooms.*
*Designated family days will allow for children to attend. Please see the calendar at www.yougottapassword.com for authorized days. Private parties may be exempt from this policy please discuss when you make the reservation.

CANCELLATION & No-show policies

A credit card is required to secure all reservations. Guests will be sent a secure link to add creddit card information. Reservations without a credit card will be cancelled by 2:00 pm on the day of the reservation.

Parties of one (1) to four (4) guests must cancel no later than 2:00 pm on the day of the reservation to avoid incurring a flat cancellation fee of $25.

Parties of five (5) or more must cancel no later than 2:00 pm on the day of the reservation to avoid incurring a cancellation fee of $50 per guest.

*Holiday parties and parties over 20 people require a 48 hour notice of guaranteed party size or notice of cancellation.


Parties of 12 or more require one of our private set menus. Please choose one of our menus from our Private Events. *some add-ons or accommodations may be made with prior management approval. See credit card policy for cancelation and no-show fees.

On Friday or Saturday: parties of 8 or more will be charged a no-show fee of $50/guest if the party size decreases ocnce the party size is confirmed. Party sizes must be confirmed with us before 2:00 pm on the day of the reservation to ensure proper table set up. Parties that are not confirmed with us prior to 2:00 pm will be confirmed for the number of guests that were originally booked.


- Balloons, party decorations, and Specialty Cakes are ONLY allowed in Private Dining Rooms. They are not allowed in the main dining room, the Black Diamond Lounge, Black Diamond Lounge Bar, the Capone Room, or the Chamber.
- Marijuana and Vaping – Guests who emit marijuana odors or are vaping on-premise will be asked to leave.
- Separate Checks — Vernon's Speakeasy will allow separate checks for parties of up to 9 guests. For groups of 10 or more, Vernon's Speakeasy will accept up to 10 equal, separate payments per dining party.
- Behavior Policy — Loud and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

- Dining Experience Policy - Reservations are respectfully reserved for guests wishing to experience our full dining experience including ordering an entree. We have a split plate charge of $10. For those who wish to experience our restaurant to only enjoy cocktails, appetizers, or dessert, we offer limited bar top seating without reservations at first come first served. Guests who fail to order an entree may incur a $25 seat fee.

All policies and resulting fees or charges will be at the discretion of management.